17 minutes | Jun 22, 2021

Where do you find those amazing Podcast guests?

Welcome to the all-new Podcast Whisperer, this is a 5 part mini-series on how to podcast from idea to launch to monetization! Episode 4:Where do you find guests?Guest is a great addition to your show. It breaks up just you talking all the time also allows the listener to learn new things. What is the topic? What is the guest bringing to the show? Where do you find them, there are multiple ways to find guestsIndustry expertsWhen you're reaching out to guests it helps to know what they do. If you don't do some reserve and connect with them so its not just another guest requestEmail Explain this processReminder EmailAsk your guest if they have any topics they want to talk aboutSend links to guests so they know what to expect. Once done email a thank you and date when it will airAlways test your equipment before your guest and make sure everything is functional WRITE DOWN THINGS TO SAY OR A CHECKLISTimprovisation is amazing if you ver off course it's ok to go with the flow.Follow me on:Twitter @DynamicReverbFacebook @DynamicReverbInstagram @DynamicReverbWww.DynamicReverb.com
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