98 minutes | May 29, 2021

S8 EP5 - Chairman Mark

#sponsored - get your first case of beer for FREE with Beer52, the world's #1 beer club at: beer52.com/peep Use promo code PEEP to get 20% OFF with FREE shipping at manscaped.com #ad Help support the podcast with Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/podcastpharaohs This week, we see the birth of a dictator, as Chairman Mark rises to power, in an attempt to fix his flat and get Dobby to move in. Of course, getting Dobby to move in means Jeremy has to move out, and we welcome back Sarah Corrigan to Peep Show, who returns at a very opportune moment. We discuss Mark's handling of his newfound power, along with Jeremy's new role as a dancing butler.
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