63 minutes | Jul 31, 2021

270 Lauren Popish - A Voice For Women in Podcasting

THANKS TO OUR SPONSORS!Focusrite | FullCastKEY TAKEAWAYS06:36 – Harry welcomes to the show Lauren Popish, who speaks to her background ininterior design and her passion for helping women create their own unique, niche podcasts22:28 – Creating the perfect listening environment for podcasting25:29 – A panic attack and a unique podcast origin story31:38 – Early struggles and big shifts of entrepreneurship34:49 – How allies and mentors aided in Lauren’s success38:54 – The importance Lauren places on forging relationships in the podcasting space43:05 – The Book Wine Club and Podcast Like A Girl podcasts51:35 – Lauren reflects on her passion for empowering women57:05 – Something Lauren has changed her mind about recently and the most misunderstood thing about her1:02:55 – Harry thanks Lauren for joining the show and let’s listeners know where they can connect with herTWEETABLE QUOTES“When something lands and resonates on such a universal human level it just multiplies and takes off.” (11:04) (Lauren)“The best podcast listening environment is on-the-go for me. I am someone who just has to feel like I’m being productive all the time, for better or for worse.” (22:51) (Lauren)“Podcasting felt like this really great, safe way for me to flex a muscle that was weak and build a brand that was based on authenticity.” (30:25) (Lauren)“I would just have friends and family come into my at-home studio, drink a bottle of wine on like a Tuesday, get really drunk and then talk about books. And it was so fun. It was the first time that I was having conversations that were so intimate.” (47:39) (Lauren)“I don’t claim to be an original feminist who always knew that she would work with women. I am a feminist, of course. But, I just stumbled into supporting women because I am a woman who was struggling and wanted to help people who were in the same position.” (55:23) (Lauren)RESOURCES MENTIONEDFullCast WebsitePodcast Junkies Junkies Facebook GroupLink to Podfest Expo Virtual SummitLauren’s WebsiteLauren’s LinkedInLauren’s Podcast:Book (Wine) ClubLauren’s Instagram🎙️🎙️🎙️Podcast Production and Marketing provided by FullCast
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