17 minutes | Jan 4, 2021

This Is Little Honey Money

Erica and Jhoanna introduce Little Honey Money, a tech platform for new moms—including its origin, and why it will help women prepare for motherhood like never before. Erica, a mom of two, touches on her realization that we typically prepare for motherhood "all wrong", while Jhoanna shares her past struggle with infertility and her current IVF experience—and how Little Honey Money is running parallel to her journey.Like what you hear? Send us a text at +1 (310) 359-0546 for updates and to join the wait list for our tech product bringing wellness, support, and wisdom to new motherhood in the modern world. In the meantime, follow us on instagram @littlehoneymoneyWant groceries delivered? Instacart connects you with personal shoppers to deliver groceries from your favorite stores. Click here for $35 off your first order. By clicking the link, Instacart will know we sent you and will automatically deduct from your total.
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