49 minutes | Jul 23rd 2020

Last Day host and Lemonada Media co-founder, Stephanie Wittels Wachs

Open episode in podcast app of choice A discussion with Stephanie Wittels Wachs, the host of Last Day and the founder of Lemonada Media. Podcast Brunch Club members worldwide listened to and discussed “17: Trauma (with Dr. Gabor Maté)” from Last Day in June 2020 when the theme of the podcast listening list was Therapy. Find the full show notes on the web at: https://podcastbrunchclub.com/ last-day-stephanie-wittels-wachs This is what they talked about: Episode of Terrible, Thanks for Asking in which Stephanie and her mother were guests: “Horrible and Wonderful and Figuring it Out” Lemonada Media’s shows (as of July 2020) Last Day (a show that talks about what’s killing us) As Me with Sinead Burke (an interview show with disability advocate, Sinead Burke) Good Kids (a parenting podcast) In Recovery with Dr. Nzinga Harrison (Dr. Nzinga Harrison, a physician board-certified in psychiatry and addiction medicine, takes questions about all kinds of addiction) In the Bubble with Andy Slavitt (a show about COVID-19) Mouthpeace with Michael & Pele Bennett Tell Me What to Do with Jaime Primak Sullivan (an audio advice column) Our America with Julián Castro Episodes of Last Day that still resonate with Stephanie: “5: Shame City” (first episode with Dr. Nzinga Harrison) “7: 20,000 Fewer Funerals” (an episode with Ithaca’s Mayor Svante Myrick and harm-reductionist Hiawatha Collins) “10: Surviving is Revolutionary” (episode with Garth Mullins of Crackdown podcast) “17: Trauma (with Dr. Gabor Maté)” (episode that we listened to for PBC and was about trauma and addiction) Stephanie’s podcast recommendation: Believed: an 8-episode series about the stories of survivors of Larry Nassar, the disgraced Olympic gymnastics doctor who sexually abused patients for decades Follow Stephanie at @wittelsstephanie on Twitter and Instagram Follow Lemonada Media at @lemonadamedia on Twitter and Instagram Get involved in the podcast discussion! Find out how Podcast Brunch Club works. Join PBC: newsletter, in-person chapter, Facebook Group, twitter, instagram, subreddit Audio editing and production by Katie DeFiore. Music included in this episode was “Rainbow” by Chad Crouch and “Paradise” by Misael Gauna. Current Supporters include: How Do We Fix It? – a solutions-oriented podcast exploring the world’s problems Podchaser – “the IMDb of podcasts” Podyssey – an online community for podcast lovers (aka “the Goodreads for podcasts”) Bullhorn – podcast listening any way you want it Listen Notes – “the best podcast search engine” Podbean – use the code “pbc” for one month free on podcast hosting Lantigua Williams & Co – the production team behind podcasts like Latina to Latina, 70 Million, & Feeling My Flo Critical Frequency – “a podcast network for everyone else” Podkite – Chart Analytics and Marketing Attribution for Podcasters Future Hindsight –  a podcast seeking to spark civic engagement, inspire hope, and reinvigorate our social contract How to Do the Pot – a podcast that answers women’s questions about cannabis
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