80 minutes | May 30, 2021

Season 2, Episode 7: Happy Birthday, Tony!

Cover Artist: SmileStarTwitter Featuring: A chat with Courtney about why we all love tony, a full display of Ferret’s tech kink, a trope-off update, some community response to last episode, and your events forecast! Show Notes: Thanks to SmileStar, Courtney, Marie, Only, and everyone who comments, tweets, messages. Courtney’s Fic RecsThe One Where Tony is Meat in a Super Soldier Sandwich by WhisperElmwoodyou great unfinished symphony (you sent for me) by ketchupcrispWait & Sea by LenalenaGizmodo Arc Reactor ArticleFerret’s Twitter (For Trope-Off)STB Discord ServerSTB Bingo (Tumblr)Events ForecastHow To Get A Hold of Us:TumblrDiscordTwitterInstagramWebsiteEmailFandom FeelingsiTunesStitcherSpotify
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