104 minutes | Jan 18, 2021

Episode Twenty-Two: Shipping

Cover Artist: Sagana Rojana OltThis Art | Tumblr Featuring: A whole lot of talking about ships! Flerret set the stage with some meta conversations about shipping, before Flame chats to Nikki and Seph about how they ship. Flerret covers ship shaming briefly before the usual round of minis finishes off the episode. Show Notes: Thanks to Sagana, only, Marie, Nikki, Seph, and everyone who responded to the poll! Seph’s Fic RecsSigns of Life by aven_gardeThe Things that Show and Tell Starts by IntheShadowsNikki’s Fic RecsIt’s a Long Way Forward (So Trust in Me) by suzukibluSugar, Sugar by NotEvenClosetoStraightStetsons and Schoolteachers by NotEvenClosetoStraightTinker, Techie, Soldier, Spy by dracysfireFanloreHistory of ‘The Onceler’ FandomFerret’s Twitter (For Trope-Off)STB Discord ServerSTB Bingo (Tumblr)Events ForecastHow To Get A Hold of Us:TumblrDiscordTwitterInstagramWebsiteEmailFandom FeelingsiTunesStitcherSpotify
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