52 minutes | Apr 18, 2020

Love It or Leave It?: The Podcast - Listen To Your Heart

Pod Clubhouse presents, “Love It Or Leave It?: The Podcast“! In this new episode, Caroline and her pals Lauren and Dani talk about ABC’s new Bachelor spin-off, Listen to Your Heart! Did they Love It Or Leave It?!?  Pod Clubhouse Presents: Love It or Leave It – Listen To Your Heart. Image by ABC. Copyright 2020. There is a lot of content in the world. Each year, we are inundated with thousands of hours of television, hundreds of movies, and new music every week … it can be overwhelming. How do you know what’s worth your time and what you should just skip? Pod Clubhouse is here to help! We’ve taken the idea of PopCultureReview’s written column, “Love It Or Leave It?” and brought it into the 21st Century! “Love It Or Leave It?: The Podcast” is your guide to what you absolutely need to see (or hear) and what is pure dumpster fire trash! The post Love It Or Leave It?: The Podcast – Listen To Your Heart appeared first on Pod Clubhouse.
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