46 minutes | Jul 27, 2021

Interview With A Podcast (Popcorn Psychology Podcast)

Come speed-date Popcorn Psychology Podcast with us and see if their podcast is the right podcast for you! This week on Interview with a Podcast, Caroline and Mike speak with Hannah, Brittney and Ben from the Popcorn Psychology Podcast. Ever watch a movie and think, “man, that character could really use a good therapist … or three?” Well, the Popcorn Psychology Podcast might be the perfect podcast for you! LISTEN TO, AND INTERACT WITH, POPCORN PSYCHOLOGY PODCAST: Twitter | Spreaker | Patreon | Facebook  Our main goal at Pod Clubhouse is to create a community of collaboration among podcasters and our friends. We want the Clubhouse to be a way for content creators to find their voice and for listeners to find their next “must listen to” podcast! ### Credits:  Music: “Monkey Ride” by Evgeny Kiselevich, licensed by Pod Clubhouse. Podcast Recorded and Produced at Pod Clubhouse Studios. Edited by Caroline Daley and Assembled by Michael Caputo. The post Interview With A Podcast (Popcorn Psychology Podcast) appeared first on Pod Clubhouse.
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