27 minutes | Nov 18, 2019

Raegan Bond on moving the needle towards a clean energy transition

Raegan Bond is bright, thoughtful and a trusted voice on energy efficiency in Canada.  She is a principal consultant with Dunsky consulting, a trustee on the board of the Affordability Fund Trust and a board member for the Association of Energy Services Professionals (AESP). Raegan is super committed to working on issues that support the clean energy transition – which is essentially how we move to a low carbon energy future through a mix of technology, investment, business strategies and policy that promotes clean, renewable energy sources as well as uptake of energy efficient solutions.  I sat down with Raegan at the Dunsky offices in Liberty Village in Toronto and we explored within this context of the clean energy transition how the rules, programs and opportunities are changing – how we need to move beyond switching out lightbulbs and look to renewables, energy storage, fuel switching, electric vehicles and demand response to start to move the needle even further.  I layer in some questions on equity, diversity, gender and leadership.  On the personal front I ask Raegan about mentoring, coaching and what keeps her focused and passionate about working on these issues.  It was a real pleasure chatting with Raegan and I hope you enjoy it too! 
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