24 minutes | Aug 8, 2021

Equity, diversity, inclusion and justice in the energy sector with Quinn Parker

Quinn Parker, CEO of Encolor, shares what sparked her to set out to make the energy sector more equitable, diverse, inclusive and socially just. Not a small undertaking. She is now six months into running this business and the response, the work, and how she and her family feel about it, well, it’s not quite what she imagined it would be. It’s a journey of learning, reflection and exploration for Quinn and for her clients. “A lot of people I'm talking to, although they are looking for process and method, they are also looking for a conversation. What is equity, inclusion, and belonging and anti-racism? What is it for me as well as for the organization I work for?” Not only is Quinn finding joy in this work, she has deep gratitude for all those who are supporting her.And I am so grateful to Quinn for sharing her story. ***This past spring I took a podcast storytelling workshop through the StoryCentre. This episode benefitted from the teachings, insight and reflection of my thoughtful instructors and supportive fellow students. Thank you.
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