45 minutes | Nov 5, 2019

Corey Diamond on allies, advocacy and rock & roll

I sat down with Corey at the Efficiency Canada offices in Toronto in August, and we cover quite a bit of ground. We talk about gender equality and leadership, what Efficiency Canada is doing to lead on gender equality and ensure equal pay, equal leadership and equal opportunity for women within Efficiency Canada and beyond. You will find out what got Corey hooked on working in the sustainability sector originally and we learn what has surprised him about working in the advocacy industryHe shares insights on the role he sees for financing and partnering with banks and green banks in the future on energy efficiency as well as the opportunity and new role that municipalities are going to have in the future as they take on more climate action work.Finally, I am always curious what inspires people and also what keeps them grounded and focused – so Corey and I chat about what keeps him rocking.It's a super fun conversation – I really would expect nothing less from him. I hope you enjoy it!
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