27 minutes | Apr 6, 2020

Carmen Henriquez on Power to the People

Carmen Henriquez is a filmmaker with real world media and one of the producers and directors of Power to the People - a television documentary series airing on Aboriginal People's Television Network right now through the end of April 2020 that explores the renewable energy revolution empowering indigenous communities across Canada. The host Melina Laboucan-Massimo – an indigenous climate activist and solar entrepreneur herself - takes viewers on a journey across the country to wind farms, solar power plants, run-of-river hydro electric projects and tidal energy initiatives all - indigenous led, owned and operated.For me, there were a couple important themes that emerged.The first was the importance of energy independence, and ownership of these clean energy assets. One of the women interviewed in the series says "clean energy is our way out of this colonial mess". So I ask Carmen about how important clean energy and renewable energy assets and ownership are in the work of reconciliation in Canada.The other major thing that struck me in the Power to the People series is the number of young, indigenous women that Melina spoke with – young women are leading this work on the ground in indigenous communities – so we explore that.Please check out the Power to the People series on APTN.#thefutureisfemale #thefutureisindigenous #thefutureisyoung
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