41 minutes | Sep 29, 2017

027: The Dark Path

The history of the Navajo goes back in time to the Four Corners region in Arizona. Where the spider grandmother spun a giant web and threw it into the night sky to create the stars. This area known as Canyon de Chelly is also known as the Canyon of the Dead after a misguided weaver’s warning resulted in a cruel cave massacre. Like the art and designs of the Navajo weaver’s blanket, the Navajo legends are intertwined with a ranch purchased by a Utah couple. The Sherman ranch seemed like an idyllic place to raise premium cattle, but strange things started happening almost immediately upon the family's arrival. This ranch is now known as the Skinwalker Ranch and the legends continue. Episode Highlights: Spider rock and the legend of the weaver and Navajo blankets. Terry and Gwen Sherman purchase a Utah ranch in 1994. The Sherman’s experienced strange phenomena and decided to sell. Robert T. Bigelow purchases the ranch and dispatches the National Institute for Discovery Science to investigate. A terrifying dark force grabs one of the observers before fading away. Night vision goggles expose a tunnel through the light used by the black creature. The Ute Tribe and the legend of the Navajo Tribe in New Mexico. New Mexico, 1863 Kit Carson and his troops round up the Navajo for transport. Canyon de Chelly and “The Long Walk” of the Navajo. The legend of the skinwalker. Resources: Battle of Canyon de Chelly Kit Carson’s Campaign Against the Indians Skinwalker Ranch Enjoyed this episode? Please support the show by rating, reviewing, and subscribing on iTunes. Please visit Pleasing Terrors, the podcast behind Old Charleston’s best ghost tour, on Facebook and Twitter!
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