30 minutes | Sep 19, 2017

026: Monster of the Deep

On November 20th, 1850 night watchman George Pollard Jr. makes his nightly rounds on the foggy Island of Nantucket, MA. An island once inhabited by proud tribes of Native Americans before the addition of the colonists. An island that was the whaling capital of the world for over a century. The inhabitants and the whalers themselves were haunted with superstition and legends about the dark underworld of the sea and the evil that lied beneath the depths. The dangers were all too real, yet it wasn’t a sea monster or a devil ascended from Davy Jones’ Locker that posed the threat. It was an invisible threat that lurked in the hearts of men like the night watchman. George Pollard Jr. Nantucket Nightwatchman Davy Jones Locker and the dark underworld of the sea The story of Jonah and being cursed by god Pliny the Elder, sea monsters, the merman, and the Krakken Sightings of mermaids, sirens, and mermen WWI German U-boat surrenders to British patrol ship after sea monster attack The legend of the black demon of the sea or megalodon The story of Moby Dick based on a Nantucket whaling ship voyage Mocha Dick the albino sperm whale and the voyage of the Ann Alexander Captain George Pollard Jr. and the last voyage the whaling ship Essex Owen Coffin and becoming what you fear most November 20th, the anniversary of the destruction of the Essex Resources: Nantucket How Nantucket Came to Be the Whaling Capital of the World George Pollard Jr.The True-Life Horror That Inspired Moby-Dick Moby Dick by Herman Melville Book of Jonah Pliny the Elder Megalodon Mocha Dick   Enjoyed this episode? Please support the show by rating, reviewing, and subscribing on iTunes. Please visit Pleasing Terrors, the podcast behind Old Charleston’s best ghost tour, on Facebook and Twitter!
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