37 minutes | Aug 18, 2017

025: A Vampire's Heart

Count Dracula’s story is one of many pieces; a story of a man and the secrets that are hidden inside his castle. Bram Stoker, the story’s author, is also a man of many secrets who constructed his own castle and built a fortress around his heart. The puzzle of Count Dracula is not complete until the intertwining pieces are put together. When put together what do the pieces reveal about the story and the man behind it? Episode Highlights: A young lawyer encounters strange experiences inside the Count’s castle The captain of a Russian ship that has run aground is found lashed to the ship’s wheel A beautiful lady who hunts children in the night The tragic death of a woman about to be married Dracula is forced to flee to his castle The search for the real Dracula The literary origin of Count Dracula Who is Bram Stoker and his ties to prominent men of the time The love that dare not speak its name Stoker’s own castle built to conceal his secrets What the secrets reveal Enjoyed this episode? Please support the show by rating, reviewing, and subscribing on iTunes. Please visit Pleasing Terrors, the podcast behind Old Charleston’s best ghost tour, on Facebook and Twitter!
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