99 minutes | Mar 3rd 2015

Ep. 9: Jun 1981: Interview with Michael Current

Interview episode with Michael Current, maintainer of the Atari 8-bit FAQ and the Atari History Timeline; also covering the magazines from June 1981. Tech section on building Star Raiders, MAME cabinet update, and the Atari Party: Davis CA, May 2, 2015! Introduction Atari Party in Davis, CA, May 2, 2015 RetroLink DB9 Joystick to USB cables My original linux driver Improved linux driver Raspberry Pi Model B KansasFest July 14-19 2015 California Extreme classic arcade games expo AtariAge 8-bit High Score Club Season 12 Feedback Experiment in Forced Nostalgia Inverse ATASCII episode guide MAME Cabinet MAME cabinet progress (AtariAge forum thread) More details on MAME cabinet Cabaret cabinets in Tipperary, Ireland Tech Section Reverse engineering the classic 1979 game Star Raiders ... For 24 more links, see the show notes
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