60 minutes | Feb 14th 2015

Ep. 8: May 1981: Eastern Front (1941)

Magazines from May 1981 and a review of Eastern Front (1941) by Chris Crawford, and the triumphant reinstatement of the tech section of the podcast because I've found a manageable topic. Also, info about the Atari Party 2015 which I will attend and give away a Raspberry Pi. Introduction Ringtones and notifications from Atari 8-bit games Thread about building my MAME cabinet Comparing the RPi to the Cray X-MP Raspberry Pi 2 announcement Raspberry Pi 2 specs Atari Party in Davis, CA, May 2, 2015 RetroLink DB9 Joystick to USB cables My original linux driver Improved linux driver Raspberry Pi Model B AtariAge 8-bit High Score Club AtariAge forum thread: 2 worthy video game podcasts S1500's Classic Console Gamernews Tech Section Reverse engineering the classic 1979 game Star Raiders 6502 math operations Simple 8bit division routine Software - Math - Integer Division ANALOG ANALOG #3, May/Jun 1981 ... For 29 more links, see the show notes
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