158 minutes | Nov 9th 2020

Ep. 25: Aug 1982: Rear Guard

Adding a new magazine to the coverage: Softline, a games-focused magazine published by the people responsible for Softalk. Also a review of Rear Guard, a game that’s appeared in full-page color ads for many months in magazines. Feedback AtariAge discussion on the term IRG Magazines Atari 8-bit magazines Antic Antic Vol 1, #3 Compute! Compute #27 Atari Jaguar injection molded cases used for dental equipment Creative Computing Creative Computing Vol 8, #8 57 games by SSI for the Atari Full page ad for Rear Guard on Pg 50 Full page ad for Crush, Crumble & Chomp Khan Academy explanation of elastic collisions ... For 34 more links, see the show notes
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