108 minutes | Dec 8th 2019

Ep. 23: Jun 1982: Quarxon

Phase 2 begins with the usual magazine coverage and a review of Quarxon, a two-player shoot-each-other game with prominent use of Display List Interrupts. In the tech section, I use Omnivore to discover how these DLIs work. Introduction Stef Animal's Bandcamp page Stef Animal's Pico-8 game: The Spooky House Pico-8 virtual machine (a "fantasy video game console") XLXE Podcast Magazines Atari 8-bit magazines ANTIC Antic Vol 1, #2 Atari Connection Atari Connection Vol 2, #2 Byte Byte Vol 7, #6 Full text of De Re Atari ... For 14 more links, see the show notes
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