103 minutes | Oct 14th 2016

Ep. 20: Apr 1982: Jumpman

The culmination of the first "season" of the Player/Missile podcast is a review of my favorite game and the announcement of the project undertaken by Kevin Savetz and myself to reverse engineer the game. We're sponsoring a level design contest, and there's still time to enter! Oh, and I'm taking a hiatus until I can collect the physical magazines. You can help out with your contributions! Introduction KansasFest! Chris Torrence's Softalk Apple (video) Podcast I'm a guest on Antic Episode 33! Atari 8 bit ads Intellivisionaries Addison-Wesley Book of Atari Software 1984 Article and photo of Mark Reid winning the 1983 Atari Star Award Listener Written Programs Wade's windowing system in Action! MAME Cabinet MAME cabinet progress (AtariAge forum thread) More details on MAME cabinet Tech Section Omnivore, the Atari 8-bit Binary Editor AtariAge forum post announcing Omnivore Jumpman Level Editor for C64 ... For 19 more links, see the show notes
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