147 minutes | Mar 31st 2016

Ep. 19: Mar 1982: Getaway!

Game review of Getaway! and interview with the author Mark Reid. The program won the Atari Star Award and the $25,000 prize in 1983. I also introduce Omnivore, the 8-bit binary editor that I've been working on during the hiatus. Kevin Savetz has a guest review of the APX Spring Catalog, and we add a new section to the podcast, the countdown to the Tramiel takeover. Introduction Omnivore, the Atari 8-bit Binary Editor Player/Missile Blog AtariAge forum post announcing Omnivore AtariAge forum post with Wade's new Getaway! level Dan Boris's Atari Disk Explorer Atari Disk Explorer on github Feedback San Leandro Computer Club SLCC home page AtariAge forum post: 1200XL Owners Club (serial tracker) Atari Party 2016! Saturday, Jul 30, 2016 Vintage Computer Festival West, Aug 6-7, 2016 Listener Written Programs Tom Raidna's Windows IDE & code builder for his TUI (Text User Interface) MAME Cabinet ... For 48 more links, see the show notes
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