132 minutes | Dec 9th 2015

Ep. 18: Feb 1982: Flight Simulators, Part 2b

Part 2b of the flight simulator roundup with Chris Olson, reviewing helicopter sims and the all-time classic F-15 Strike Eagle. Plus: an update on speeding up Star Raiders. Introduction Dan Carlin's Hardcore History Pictures from the AtariAge booth at the Portland Retro Gaming Expo XEGS Cart-by-Cart Podcast They Create Worlds Podcast They Create Worlds Blog Feedback Interview with Dona Bailey, Centipede co-creator Hidden Maze from Compute!'s First Book of Atari Games Wikipedia article on maze generation Bill Kendrick's maze generator web game Bill Kendrick's printable mazes Bill Kendrick's 10-line BASIC maze generator San Leandro Computer Club SLCC home page Listener Written Programs RetroChallenge in January! MAME Cabinet ... For 33 more links, see the show notes
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