138 minutes | Oct 19th 2015

Ep. 17: Jan 1982: Shamus

The universe of games really begins to expand in 1982. From here on out we'll have a huge selection of choices to talk about, and Shamus by Cathryn Mataga leads us off. Also, an interview with Michael Portuesi who is both a published author in Compute!'s books and a listener to the podcast. Introduction Ten Pence Arcade podcast San Leandro Computer Club Feedback Interview with Dona Bailey, Centipede co-creator MAME Cabinet MAME cabinet progress (AtariAge forum thread) More details on MAME cabinet Tech Section Python program to split ATR/XFD images My half-finished game Air Defense Source code to Air Defense ATasm, a Mac/65 cross assembler 2015 ABBUC Software Contest Magazines ... For 16 more links, see the show notes
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