160 minutes | Sep 1st 2015

Ep. 16: Dec 1981: Flight Simulators, Part 2a

The first half of the military flight simulator roundup with Chris Olson. I've included a bonus tech section at the end discussing a clever display list technique used by the MicroProse sims. Guest reviews: Michael Glaser of the XEGS Cart-by-Cart podcast covers SoftSide and Kevin Savetz summarizes the APX Winter 1981 Catalog. Introduction Thanks to Wade from Inverse ATASCII for the ANALOGs & Flight Simulator II AtariAge forum thread: 2 worthy video game podcasts Internet History Podcast By Brian McCullough Dan Carlin's Hardcore History XEGS Cart-by-Cart Podcast ANTIC Podcast Feedback The History of 8-bit Computer Games in The USA #1 : CGW Nov/Dec 1981 Sprite Castle, the C64 game review podcast with Rob O'Hara No Quarter episode 89: Arcade Draft #1 No Quarter episode 123: Arcade Draft #2 Listener Written Programs The Space Invaders TRS-80 'Bootleg' Project MAME Cabinet MAME cabinet progress (AtariAge forum thread) More details on MAME cabinet ... For 35 more links, see the show notes
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