110 minutes | Jul 31st 2015

Ep. 15: Nov 1981: Reversi II

Two new magazines for the coverage: Computer Gaming World and my first magazine from the UK: Computer & Video Games, and two guest reviewers of magazines. An overview of KansasFest from the Atari point of view, and a review of the APX game Reversi II. Introduction California Extreme Arcade/Pinball show July 18 & 19 2015 CA Extreme twitter Pictures from CA Extreme KansasFest KansasFest More from Rebecca Heineman: Antic Interview #64 Steve Mayer: Antic Interview #65 Mark Pilgrim's Dive Into Python Ringtones from Atari 8-bit games HackFest Podcasters Summit Retro Computing Roundtable Ep #105 Carrington Vanston from Retro Computing Roundtable John Leake from RetroMacCast John Linville from The CoCo Crew Ken Gagne from Polygamer ... and also from Indiesider Kevin Savetz from ANTIC The Atari 8-bit Podcast Michael Mulhurn from Retro Computing Roundtable Mike Whalen from Electric Dreams BBS Podcast ... For 43 more links, see the show notes
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