130 minutes | May 4th 2015

Ep. 12: Sep 1981: Flight Simulators, Part 1

Flight simulator roundup where Chris Olson and I review 5 noteworthy civilian aircraft sims on the 8-bits (military sims will be the subject of part 2). Also added Byte to the magazine to the coverage due to the serializiaton of De Re Atari. Introduction Atari Party in Davis, CA, May 2, 2015 RetroPie Raspberry Pi game emulation distro Stella, the 2600 emulator Atari800 emulator Atari podcast interviews thread Interview with David Fox Floppy Days Episode 36 with all the Atari 8-bit podcasters Listener Written Programs Sudoku Solver in 6502 assembly MAME Cabinet MAME cabinet progress (AtariAge forum thread) More details on MAME cabinet Hacking Ms. Pac-Man Pac-Man Dossier Don Hodges: the Pac-Man kill screen Commented Ms. Pac-Man source Ms. Pac-Man annotated hex dump ... For 31 more links, see the show notes
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