73 minutes | Oct 12th 2019

Platinum Roses' Garden - October 12 2019

Thank you all for dropping by to Platinum Roses’ Garden, the “Supernatural” Podcast, for the Winchester Lover in Everyone…. THIS WEEK’S VISIT TO THE GARDEN: GREETINGS, WINCHESTER LOVERS! I'm back in the Garden once again as we cover the fifteenth...and...final (GULP)...season of "Supernatural"! But we won't be sad...we won't we won't we won't! We shall trudge on and get through it together week by week as always! Huzzah! Intros CARRY ON WAYWARD SON - Season 15 Episode 01 - "Back And To The Future" Goodbyes... NEXT SHOW: October 19 2019! PATREON CAMPAIGN - PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE - BECOME A SPONSOR!!! If you enjoy my show Platinum Roses' Garden, please become a Patron!  We do a lot more than this show, and your patronage helps us pay the bills to keep things going. If you join at the $5/month level or above, you get three EXCLUSIVE Podcasts as well - my new show Kaiju Korner, our movie review show Micro Focus, and our entertainment news discussion show Freeze Frame, in addition to a TON of cool perks! Please consider becoming a Patreon Supporter - check out our campaign at http://patreon.com/PNRNetworks and join in on the fun! And help us out BIG TIME in the process! Thanks!  Contact me at platinumrosel [at] yahoo.com Don’t forget to check out my other shows: Subject:CINEMA - our weekly film podcast, with our weekly topic, the latest news, and much more extensive film reviews than I give here...every Sunday at 7PM ET (or there abouts...usually....) And where can you find it, Kiddies? Why at   http://subjectcinema.com   of course! and Subject:CINEMA presents Front Row Five And Ten, our relatively new list countdown show, where we take on pop culture to the max. It's also at http://subjectcinema.com! and Ring Around The Rosie, where I wax poetic about the world of Professional Wrestling...find it at http://ringaroundtherosie.net ! PNRNetworks Shows Subject:CINEMA Platinum Roses’ Garden (seasonal) Cavebabble Three Minute Weekend Front Row Five And Ten Tuesday Digidex Catastrophe Vortex Comic Grotto Ring Around The Rosie The Kirkham Report Ant B's Nerd Grotto PNRNetworks sites eCinemaOne eCinemaBoston Platinum Roses' Garden Cavebabble Catastrophe Vortex The Kirkham Report Planet BiblioMusica Comic Grotto Ring Around The Rosie PNRNetworks Original Production: Manhattan Hammerdown - As It Happened PNRNetworks Original Production: War Of The Worlds 2018
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