30 minutes | Mar 3rd 2020

Rob Pascoe of Closed Loop - Part 2

In this second episode of a 2 part series of Plastics Revolution, host Tammy Ven Dange continues to chat with Rob Pascoe of Closed Loop Environmental Solutions.  They talk about his newest circular solution for local councils.  We also learn more about his passion for solving food waste issues too. We hope you enjoy this 2nd part episode of Plastics Revolution with Rob Pascoe of Closed Loop You can read the full transcript at https://tvendange.com/podcast Companies, Organisations and Products Mentioned in this Podcast: Closed Loop Simply Cup Visy 7-Eleven ShredX Farmer's Place Credits Hosted by Tammy Ven Dange Produced by Jonny Puskas Theme Music by Joseph McDade All Rights Reserved 2020
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