50 minutes | Jun 9th 2020

Michael Elias of MANRAGS

In this episode of Plastics Revolution, host Tammy Ven Dange chats with Michael Elias of MANRAGS, a men’s essential clothing line and textiles recycling service. 

Michael was in banking industry when he and his wife, Tina, decided to sell socks through a subscription side-hustle. The business did so well that he eventually left his job to focus on it full time. Yet soon afterwards, Michael realised that his own business was adding to the landfill problem. This started the next phase of the business which they are undergoing now to close the loop on textile waste.

We hope you enjoy this episode of Plastics Revolution with Michael Elias of MANRAGS.

You can read the summary and see all of the links from this episode on Tammy’s blog.


Hosted by Tammy Ven Dange Produced by Jonny Puskas Theme Music by Joseph McDade All Rights Reserved 2020

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