10 minutes | May 31, 2021

Ease Up on Caffeine Without Losing Steam

Caffeine is a big part of our daily lives, not just in America, but all around the world.  Especially coffee, it is ingrained into the cultures of many of us.  From Africa to the Americas, the growing, roasting, and drinking of coffee is part of our social construct.  The problem with caffeine is that it comes in many forms that we love: chocolate, coffee, teas, and sodas.  The issue with these are that the forms that we love are often packed with excess sugars, fats, artificial caffeine, and other artificial ingredients.  Not only is the caffeine addictive, but the other ingredients are also addictive, so we easily fall into harmful daily dosages of these ingredients.  Today in step nine of the Spring Into Ultimate Wellness series we are going to take a look at caffeine and how a few changes in our choices of beverages and snacks can improve our energy and focus in a more healthy way.  Just click on the play button above to listen. This week’s resources: Visit the forum and tell us what steps you’re taking to make the switch. See how to make your own healthy and easy chocolate bars here and here. Learn more about Teechino, chicory root coffee, and roobois tea. Get some ideas for making your own natural energy drinks. DIY Soda ideas.
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