13 minutes | Oct 27, 2020

10 Simple Tips For Healthy Eating On A Budget

Today we want to reverse the myth that eating healthy has to be expensive —and show you how a whole food plant-based diet can save more than money.  To listen, click the play button above or visit:  Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, Amazon Music, or  TuneIn. RESOURCES MENTIONED IN THE SHOW: Click here to access the seasonal food guide and learn more about what’s available where you live. Click here to view the Environmental Working Group’s shopper’s guide to pesticide residue on produce. Get meal ideas using what you have on hand with one of our favorite books, or try searching AllRecipes with the ingredients you have.  You can also explore FoodCombo or SuperCook. GET IN TOUCH We would love to hear from you! Do you, or someone you know, have a testimony of how a plant-based diet has changed your life?  Please get in touch with us here.  To keep up with us and our updates please follow us on Instagram @plantschangedmylife and on Facebook @plantschangedmylife. If you’d like to snag your own Plants Changed My Life T-shirt, you can click here to order one.  Your purchase helps us continue our mission. Thank you for your support!
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