73 minutes | Sep 23rd 2018

The State of Affordable Housing with Annie Lord

  Owning a home was once the American dream, but for quite some time now it's been out of reach for many Americans.  The housing crisis further deepened that chasm and here in Miami where wages are lower than other big cities, the issue of affordable housing is all too real and leading Miami towards a homeless boom. So what's considered affordable?  Paying less than 30% of your income towards your rent or mortgage.  We know, you're probably paying more than that and you're not alone. As the daughter of a Cuban exile, Annie Lord was always sensitive to the plight of those suffering the harshest economic conditions and in her new role as Executive Director of Miami Homes For All, she brings a wealth of experience fostering stability and mobility for those who are economically disadvantaged. Through a number of initiatives focusing on affordable housing, youth homelessness and chronic homelessness, Miami Homes For All is advocating for everyone in Miami-Dade County to be able to afford a safe and stable home. We hope you enjoy the conversation, Alex and Jeanette Follow us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and YouTube @plantedinmiami For behind the scenes photos, show notes and more visit www.plantedinmiami.com    
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