61 minutes | Sep 9th 2018

Tackling Miami's Biggest Issues with Sarah Emmons

Traditionally, decisions about the future of communities are made behind closed doors by a select few in positions of political power, but with more and more local organizations getting involved and demanding a seat at the table, the times are a changing.  Sarah Emmons, and her team at Radical Partners work tirelessly to educate and connect change-makers to accelerate the big ideas that will lead Miami forward and to tackle the issues that are stifling its progress.   With programs such as their Leadership Lab and Social Entrepreneurship Bootcamp which gives community leaders the tools and resources they need to accomplish their goals, they've also crafted the 100 Great Ideas Campaign which crowdsources big ideas for the cities most pressing problems.  In the past, they've focused on issues such as housing affordability and transit and mobility and in November they will gather ideas for climate resilience and sustainability.  Starting November 12th, everyone in Miami is invited to a 5-day, online conversation to brainstorm solutions on how to build a more resilient and sustainable community. We invite you to take part in the conversation and learn more about Radical Partner's incredible contributions. Alex and Jeanette For behind the scenes photos, show notes and more visit www.plantedinmiami.com Follow us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Pinterest @plantedinmiami
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