73 minutes | Apr 8th 2018

Empowering a Culture of Positivity with Nicole Mejia

At a very young age, Nicole Mejia learned the importance of health and hard work.  After expressing her grievances to her father of being an overweight kid, he motivated her to start running the very next morning.  Together they bonded through overcoming obstacles and life lessons.  Today, Nicole is the founder of Fit and Thick, a women's empowerment brand that teaches the importance of being healthy, embracing your natural physique and living an authentic life. Last year, despite risking alienating her legions of followers, Nicole came ‘out’ as being vegan and announced a Plant-Based meal plan as part of her Fit and Thick workout app. To her surprise, it was well received and has helped her company grow to new heights. Fit and Thick now offers a line of apparel, workout gear, special events and more. And her weekly Vibe Tribe Facebook Live sessions helps others embrace the plant-based lifestyle from discussing meal prep to natural products and everything in between. Nicole’s self awareness and authenticity shines through in everything she does and we look forward to following the continuing growth of her brand. We hope you enjoy the conversation, Alex and Jeanette For behind the scenes show notes, photos, videos and more visit www.plantedinmiami.com Follow us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Pinterest @plantedinmiami
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