78 minutes | Feb 18th 2018

Crafting the Future of Protein with Rohan Templeman and Dan Jonas

When Australian transplant, Rohan Templeman fell in love and moved across the pond to Miami, he brought his love of farmer's markets and the art of making tempeh with him.  In 2017, after partnering with his father-in-law Dan Jonas, BeCultured Tempeh was born.  Originating in Indonesia, tempeh is a protein source traditionally made from soy.  Describing their methods as part art, part science, this duo has created irresistibly delicious tempeh made from organic beans instead of soy, which they believe makes it a more attractive and sustainable product. A year of challenges and setbacks almost derailed their hopes of bringing homemade tempeh to Miami, however through perserveance and the passion for feeding people good food, BeCultured Tempeh is now open for business at farmer's markets across Miami and select restaurants/stores. We hope you enjoy the conversation, Alex and Jeanette
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