71 minutes | Jun 17th 2018

Abandoned Vehicles of The Everglades with Charles Kropke + Matt Stock

Did you know that scattered throughout the vast landscape of the Everglades, far from the city lights of Miami, vehicles from another time, another era, are quietly resting amongst the mangroves and marshes?  By using satellite imagery and investigating rumors, photographer Matt Stock and the brainchild of Abandoned Vehicles of the Everglades, Charles Kropke, go out into the darkness to explore the interaction of man versus nature by photographing these long forgotten relics of the past. By using a technique Matt refers to as ‘painting with light,’ he is able to create hyper-realistic nighttime images of vehicles such as Ford Model T’s, Studabakers, RV’s, and even drug smuggling airplanes while uncovering a side of the Everglades most people may not know exists.  And by strictly photographing these cars in the darkness of night and by virtue of conversations like this one, Matt and Charles are dispelling the fears people might have of the Everglades once the sun goes down in this beautiful and highly endangered habitat. We hope you enjoy the conversation, Alex and Jeanette For behind the scenes photos, show notes and more visit www.plantedinmiami.com Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest @plantedinmiami
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