84 minutes | Jun 30th 2020

Why we should be eating sprouts with Doug Evans

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In Episode #107 I sit down with Doug Evans, Author of The Sprout Book, to talk about the magical process of sprouting seeds and why we should be eating more of them.
Specifically we cover:
  • Doug's personal journey from growing up in NYC to living in the Californian desert
  • Why Doug changed his own personal diet some 20 years ago
  • What sprouting is
  • Sprouts Vs Shoots Vs Microgreens
  • The nutritional benefits of sprouts including the anti-cancer molecules found in broccoli sprouts
  • The cost of sprouting
  • Sprouts and food sovereignty
  • The typical equipment needed to sprout
  • Choosing the right seeds
  • The typical sprouting process
  • The importance of water quality when sprouting
  • Eating sprouts
  • and much more

  • The Sprout Book by Doug Evans- Booktopia - For Australian's or Amazon (If Amazon doesn't ship to you, just google 'The Sprout Book' to find a local book store that's selling it)
  • My blog 'Sprouting 101' to help you get started. Including specific information on sprouting broccoli sprouts and flaxseeds to help get you going. Flaxseeds are one of my favourites to sprout because it increases their Omega 3 content, which as you are most likely well aware, features in the Plant Proof Food Pyramid.

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