115 minutes | Apr 10th 2020

Slowing and reversing ageing with Dr David Sinclair, Phd

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In Episode 98 I sit down with Harvard Professor Dr David Sinclair, PHD to discuss the information theory of ageing and in particular how we can slow down and perhaps even reverse the ageing process.
In this episode we cover:
  • David's back story and how he found himself in the field of anti-ageing science
  • His information theory of ageing
  • Chronological age versus biological
  • The Horvath clock.
  • The role of genetics versus epigenetic in the ageing process
  • How long he thinks we can may be able to live to
  • How our nutrition affects the ageing process
  • Hormesis and ageing - including periods of hunger or 'intermittent fasting'.
  • Other lifestyle factors that affect the ageing process
  • NAD
  • NMN supplements and other medications/supplements that may slow down the ageing process
  • and much more

This is a deep dive into the underlying mechanisms occurring at a cellular level that take place as we age. An exchange that I thoroughly enjoyed and hope you do too. Of course, in two hours it's hard to cover the topic of ageing in entirety so I look forward to having David back on to dive even deeper in the future. You can also grab a copy of his book Lifespan online or in most book stores - it's a fascinating read.
Please also note, as mentioned in the introduction this was recorded days before NYC went into social isolation in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. So if you see videos of us online from this episode, they were shot well and truly before there was any advice to practice social distancing.
Hope you enjoy friends. As always be sure to let David know how this one lands for you on Instagram or Twitter.
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