71 minutes | Mar 7th 2020

Rent is due for game changer Nimai Delgado

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In Episode 96 I sit back down for a catch up with Vegan PRO Bodybuilder Nimai Delgado. Having recently been in Los Angeles for almost 3 weeks it was great to catch up with Nimai and hear how things have been with him since our last episodes. We also managed to sneak in quite a few gym sessions at Gold's Venice which I thoroughly enjoyed.
This one's quite a casual conversation with no real direction as I have already covered his story back in 2018 in Episode 3. But if you know of Nimai, you'll be well aware his humble and gracious personality is a breath of fresh air. I certainly love catching up with him and am grateful to have him as a good friend.
Some of the things we cover in this relatively shorter episode are:
  • Bits and pieces on the Game Changers
  • His current training program
  • Paying the rent with cardio
  • His business interests
  • His daily rituals
  • Training Lewis Hamilton
  • and other bits and pieces

Hope you enjoy it friends. As always be sure to let Nimai and myself know how this episode landed for you. You can find us on Instagram at @nimai_delgado and at @plant_proof
Episode Resources:
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Coming up:
In the coming weeks I plan to put up part 2 of the weight management solo episode. The first part being the one I did on healthy weight loss in Episode 91. Part 2 is on building lean muscle. There's also episodes with Rich Roll, Dr Will Bulsiewicz, Team Sherzai, Dr Valter Longo and a bunch of other incredibly interesting people that I have caught up with during my recent travels in USA.
Finally, if you can take a minute or so to leave a review on the Apple podcast app it would be much appreciated.
Thanks for tuning in friends. I appreciate all of you.
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