81 minutes | Jul 29th 2020

Cell based meat and the future of food with Bruce Friedrich

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In Episode 109 I sit down with lawyer and Co-Founder of the Good Food Institute Bruce Friedrich to talk about two solutions to the current problems with our food system: these solutions being plant based meat and cultivated or 'cell-based' meat.
Specifically we cover:
  • What's wrong with the current food system and how it is impacting human health, planetary health and animal welfare
  • Specifics on climate change, COVID-19, antibiotic resistance, production inefficiencies and food security
  • What plant based and cultivated meats are
  • Specifics related to bio mimicking meat using cells collected via biopsy
  • Where these industries are currently and the projections
  • The companies leading the way in these industries
  • Why major meat companies are investing into this space
  • Barriers to entry
  • When we can expect to see cell based meat on shelf
  • How these types of products are likely to be perceived by customers
  • and much more

Good Food InstituteBruce's Ted TalkBruce on TwitterGood Food Institute on Instagram
If you're a regular listener you will know I prefer to do these conversations in person. I apologise in advance for slightly tinny audio from Bruce's end - the recording software is a bit hit and miss compared to when you are in the same room! Nonetheless it's certainly not the worst audio I have heard and the information is tremendously insightful.
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