33 minutes | Nov 19th 2020

Interview with a Yellowstone Park Ranger - Harlan Kredit - 48 years and counting

In this episode, we interview a real gem - Yellowstone Park Ranger Harlan Kredit.  At 81 years old, Harlan has taught high school biology and earth science for 58 years and worked as an interpretive ranger for 48 years in Yellowstone.  Don't be fooled by his age; Harlan hasn't lost a step; Chris' high school students have a hard time keeping up with him on hikes!  Arguably, Harlan has more of an intimate knowledge of Yellowstone than anyone other human - past or present.  He is also the best teacher we've had the privilege to watch and he has won almost every teaching award possible, including the prestigious Presidential Award for Excellency in Mathematics and Science Teaching.  Harlan as has his own Wikipedia page; not something many people can say! 

Today, Harlan talks about a wide range of topics regarding Yellowstone National Park, including funny stories and problems facing the park in the future. 

Throughout the interview, our discussion spans many different topics such as:
- Reintroduction of the wolves - Harlan participated in releasing one of the packs.
- Yellowstone usage and the problems the park faces.
- Why he chose to stay at one park for so long.
- The threat that invasive species pose to Yellowstone.
- The impact Covid-19 has had on Yellowtstone.
- The fascinating impact of social media in the park.
- Climate change and forest fires.
- The intersection between geoscience and biology.
- In the opinion of Harlan, the most interesting geoscience feature in the park.
- Interesting stories someone who has worked for 48 years in the park might tell.

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