9 minutes | Jan 28th 2021

GeoShort: Identifying Rocks Can Be Hard!

In this GeoShort we tell a few stories that highlight how identifying rocks can be sort of difficult, even for those of us with Geology degrees!  Chris likes to call limestone the "Katy Perry" of rocks and Jesse got a question about pumice wrong, one of the easiest rocks to identify on the planet!  So, if you are an amateur rock collector and don't always know what the rocks you find are called, never fear!  It can be hard.  If you want to know more about limestone, listen to Episode 5: Hard Water and What Makes the Ocean Salty!   ——————————————————Instagram: @planetgeocastTwitter: @planetgeocastFacebook: @planetgeocast Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJ_A82nOMu0nIvZto6zMPqgEmail: planetgeocast@gmail.comWebsite: https://planetgeocast.buzzsprout.com/
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