74 minutes | Oct 14, 2021

What in the World Championship!?

This episode is posting in the week following the 2021 World Championship. The entire MTG community has been hyped and invested for what is currently the pinnacle of competitive magic. If you need to get caught up on what happened or you just want to know what Donovan thinks of the decklists, listen in. Let us know what you thought of Worlds by emailing us at PlaneswalkersPod@gmail.com Links: https://magic.gg/events/magic-world-championship-xxvii https://magic.gg/decklists/magic-world-championship-xxvii-standard-decklists Supported this week by: The Corpse Cobbler (Corpse Cobble) You can help too! Support the show by visiting Patreon.com/Planeswalkers Or TeePublic.com/user/EngineWithin And, as always, Special Thanks to Joseph McDade for music used in this episode. Check out his music at josephmcdade.com/music or support him at www.patreon.com/josephmcdade Twitch.tv/dday_99 Facebook.com/planeswalkersanonymous
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