109 minutes | Oct 7, 2021

Limited Experience: Midnight Hunt

With Innistrad: Midnight Hunt in everyone's hands and on Arena, everyone is grinding out those drafts, either to get their collection fleshed out for constructed or just because they love limited Magic. If you're wondering what the limited environment is like in Midnight Hunt or looking to prepare yourself to get more wins, join us this week for our discussion about playing Midnight Hunt limited. If you have any tips for us, email the show at PlaneswalkersPod@Gmail.com. Links: https://www.17lands.com/ Supported this week by: Vorpal Sword You can help too! Support the show by visiting Patreon.com/Planeswalkers Or TeePublic.com/user/EngineWithin And, as always, Special Thanks to Joseph McDade for music used in this episode. Check out his music at josephmcdade.com/music or support him at www.patreon.com/josephmcdade Twitch.tv/dday_99 Facebook.com/planeswalkersanonymous
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