97 minutes | Aug 11, 2021

Limited Experience: D&D

Duncan has utterly failed to play any Magic this week; but it's time for our Limited show anyway! So, Donovan is carrying a lot of weight this episode but the guys have some differing opinions. Listen in and let us know who was right by writing to us at PlaneswalkersPod@gmail.com Supported this week by: Fennrick Swinnler's Adventuring Gear (Fifty Feet of Rope) You can help too! Support the show by visiting Patreon.com/Planeswalkers Or TeePublic.com/user/EngineWithin And, as always, Special Thanks to Joseph McDade for music used in this episode. Check out his music at josephmcdade.com/music or support him at www.patreon.com/josephmcdade Twitch.tv/dday_99 Facebook.com/planeswalkersanonymous
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