79 minutes | May 20, 2019

Podcast #66: Does 'Toy Story 4' Have The Most Easter Eggs of Any Film...Ever? Dive Into All The Fine Details With Craig Foster, Ling Tu, and Alex Marino

There is so much detail that is put into every pixel on the screen — but, why does Pixar do this? Ling Tu (Sets Shading Lead) mentions in our session at Pixar that by putting all the rich detail into the backstory of everything that you see, they're able to enhance their stories. If everything visually looks as you'd expect (set locations like a carnival or a porcelain character with tiny cracks), your mind looks right past those things and you can dive right into the story because everything visually is so familiar. Listen in as Craig Foster (Graphic Arts Director) and Alex Marino (Characters Shading Lead) also dive into what makes a Pixar film shine — oh and don't forget a discussion into all those hidden Easter Eggs that populate the film — there are hundreds in Toy Story 4. 00:00 — Episode 66 Kickoff 01:14 — Pixar Trivia. 03:24 — Love the Disney Parks, do you help plan your friend's vacations, visit Destination Mouse to become an agent. 08:20 — The Final Toy Story 4 trailer is hitting on May 21, get ready. 12:32 — Want to watch Toy Story 4 early or catch a sneak-peek, here's how. 18:14 — Bo Peep is coming to Disney parks this summer, get a look at her in-park design. 22:54 — What is happening with Pixar in New York City? 31:03 — Our interview with The Pixar team — It's all in the details. 1:05:21 — After the interview discussion. 1:10:44 — 1-on-1 interview with Craig Foster and Ling Tu. 1:17:48 — Wrapping up the show. Stay tuned to PixarPost.com all week for the latest Pixar news. T.J. and Julie
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