76 minutes | May 31, 2018

Pixar Post Podcast 060: The Worlds of 'Incredibles 2' - Our Interview with Pixar Artists, Ralph Eggleston, Bryn Imagire, Philip Metschan & Nathan Farris

  In episode 60 of the Pixar Post Podcast, we share our complete interview with Ralph Eggleston (Production Designer), Bryn Imagire (Shading Art Director), Philip Metschan (Visual Designer) and Nathan Farris (Sets Supervisor) as we dive into how the team created the worlds of Incredibles 2. Earlier, we shared an article that dove into how the team created the Parr's new home in the film and now we're going to share the entire 40-minute interview that explores the home, the cities in the film, as well as the research behind the design choices which were made. SHOW NOTES: At the beginning of the episode, we chat about all-things Incredibles 2 (no surprise) and highlight the Pixar Post Forum and the breadth of conversations going on — from sharing bus advertisements, to concerns about continuity between the two films, if you haven't signed up or shared your views, check it out. Next up, we discuss the Incredibles 2 soundtrack being available for pre-order as well as our thoughts on Michael Giacchino's punny titles. We also follow up on two recent posts that we completed where we dove into The Art of Incredibles 2 book as well as some early Easter Eggs which have been spotted in the film (the reused Chinese food takeout box and the famed A113 has been spotted). There are quite a few early-screening opportunities for Incredibles 2 and we list out at least 18 different choices you have - (D23 Gold Member Gatherings, D23 Gold Member Complimentary Tickets, AMC Double-Feature tickets and even some options at AMC IMAX theaters as early as June 6. Before we get to the main interview with the Pixar crew, we also shared details on the amazing marketing of the Parr family home listing on Zillow. INTERVIEW: The main portion of this episode (starting at 30:20) is our interview with Ralph Eggleston (Production Designer), Bryn Imagire (Shading Art Director), Philip Metschan (Visual Designer) and Nathan Farris (Sets Supervisor). Listen in as they share wonderful details about how they held back the animation quality of the new film at the very opening of the film so it wouldn't be as visually jarring if someone watched The Incredibles and immediately wanted to turn on Incredibles 2. They also discuss some amazing details about how the crafted complete cities for the film (even some buildings in the background).   Chat about Incredibles 2 with other Pixar fans in the Pixar Post Forum dedicated to the film.
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