33 minutes | Oct 30, 2019

Pitchwerks #159 - Mitch Turck | Game of Origin

This week, we take it a little easy and let Scot MacTaggart’s friend Mitch Turck bring Origin, his new card game into the studio so our celebrity panel can try it out!  Origin is a combination of history trivia and poker, where the players guess when events happened, and try to convince other players that their guesses are correct. By day, Mitch is a transportation and autonomous vehicles expert, but in his spare time, he has been developing Origin to launch on Kickstarter where it can now be found.  The other players in the room are Jared Raszewski, the CEO of Dissolves from last week’s show, and Marta Mazzoni from the popular Epicast travel and entertainment podcast Marta on the Move.
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