39 minutes | Feb 18, 2022

Navigating Crisis & Reputation Management with PR Pro Tiffany Joy Murchison of TJM & Co. Media

Tiffany Joy Murchison is an influential communications professional and entrepreneur leading Brooklyn-based boutique PR firm TJM & Co. Media Boutique. The author of PRY Until...The small business owner's guide to DIY public relations until you're ready to hire a pro, Tiffany’s professional experience spans several industries, from communications, technology, and financial services to publishing and entertainment. 

In today’s episode, we focus heavily on the topic of navigating crisis and reputation management in PR specifically, the dos, the don’ts, what that means, and how to navigate such during a global health crisis and social unrest. And as it turns out, a lot of her advice is transferable into many areas of your life outside of just PR. 

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How Tiffany began her own media boutique
  • Learn Tiffany’s background in Public Relations before starting her own business
  • Learn what Tiffany’s first lesson in PR was from her mother
  • Learn all about navigating crisis and reputation management
  • Learn what reputation management and risk prevention is in PR
  • Learn best practices for managing reputations and developing a positive public image
  • How to navigate public relations and reputation during a pandemic era and social unrest
  • The art of listening over hearing - and how it applies to PR
  • And much more! 

Website: www.tjmandco.com
Instagram: @TJMandCo

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